Welcome to WHITE HOUSE

This small town enjoys both beautiful scenery and an active local government, leading to an ideal community for many of Middle Tennessee's residents.

Neighborhood Keywords

Low-Key Off the Beaten Path Quiet & Serene Farms Country Life
The Neighborhood

A growing community that has held on to its small town charm.

The Lifestyle

A laid back atmosphere with a priority on quality of life.

The Market

Primarily single-family homes with newer townhomes.

Known for

Local restaurants and antique stores.

What Not to Expect

High-rises and condos.

You'll Fall in Love With

The strong sense of community.

Neighborhood Vibe

The Neighborhood

Sitting on the west side of Sumner County (as well as the east side of Robertson County), White House is a growing city along the Interstate-65 corridor. The small-town atmosphere enables a strong sense of community and the local government focuses on enhancing the community's quality of life. 

The Market

Single-family homes still dominate the market, but townhomes are beginning to pop up to cater to demographics interested in a low-maintenance lifestyle. 

The Lifestyle

White House offers a laid-back lifestyle for residents looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of bigger towns. The Sumner County school system is a draw for families, and the growth to the community means more amenities are sure to be on the way. 

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