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Grape growing in Tennessee, once believed to be a tradition that was vanishing into the past, has experienced a remarkable resurgence. As tobacco crops have declined since the 1980s, wine’s ongoing popularity has made grapes a robustly profitable crop for vintners throughout the region. Despite the many challenges posed by our state’s hot and humid climate, vintners have successfully adapted their techniques. Today, Tennessee takes pride in its numerous wineries that have emerged to cater to the southern states’ demand for high-quality, locally produced wines.

Thanks to our exploration of wineries all throughout our neck of the woods over summers past, we are delighted to share our selections for the finest vineyards in Middle Tennessee. Whether you decide to seize the opportunity to visit during the height of summer’s warmth or wait to plan your visits during the fall crush, our local wineries will undoubtedly value your support.

Embrace the opportunity to savor the rich flavors and captivating atmosphere of these remarkable wineries found right here in Middle Tennessee.

Arrington Vineyards
6211 Patton Rd | Arrington

Though their fields and tasting room are located only one hour’s drive from downtown Nashville, Arrington Vineyards offers visitors a picturesque escape back to the simpler times of yesteryear. Co-owned by Tennessee’s own country music artist, Kix Brooks, Arrington proudly produces 22 wines right on-site. Stretched out over nearly 100 acres of lush, green, undulating hills, this winery’s setting is accented with a classic red barn, making this an excellent destination for social media photos.

If you need one more reason to visit, you should know that Arrington Vineyards was recognized at the 2022 New York International Wine Competition as Tennessee’s Winery of the Year! Stop by to taste wines, browse the many shops you’ll find within the modern rustic cabins, and enjoy a picnic at one of the tables shaded by leafy, mature trees. If your table isn’t squarely in the shade, simply slide the table over, and you’ll be set.

Natchez Hills Vineyard & Winery
109 Overhead Bridge Rd | Hampshire

While many wineries across the country have made the switch to industrial wine production, Natchez Hills remains dedicated to the old-world winemaking traditions that have made Tuscany famous worldwide. Thanks to the fact that this winery is a family-owned-and-operated boutique business, each small-batch wine distills the unique flavors captured during the year’s crush.

If your party has five or fewer members, you are invited to tour without a reservation. Come picnic on the expansive lawn and stay to take all the photos you’d like against the natural, native treeline.

Belle Meade Winery
5025 Harding Pike | Nashville

Immerse yourself in a truly unique experience at The Belle Meade winery nestled within the enchanting Belle Meade Historic Site. In addition to their delectable wines, the location’s distinctiveness stems from their location, surrounded by the rich heritage and captivating allure of the Belle Meade estate. While they are most famous for their wine and bourbon tours, the winery offers an impressive array of tours that cater to history enthusiasts, families, and those seeking outdoor adventures.

For an immersive exploration of wine, we recommend booking a wine and food pairing experience, during which their award-winning dishes are paired perfectly with their in-house wines.

Amber Falls Winery & Cellars
794 Ridgetop Rd | Hampshire

Located deep in the rolling countryside of Hampshire, Amber Falls Winery is the perfect place to take a retreat away from the stressful pace of your modern life. You’re more likely than not to be greeted by the owner himself! He will be delighted to treat you to his elegant wines that have earned acclaim from both wine critics and neophytes in equal measure.

Grinder's Switch Winery
2119 Hwy 50 West Loop | Centerville

Grinder's Switch, which has been a family-owned and operated winery from its inception, takes pride in crafting exquisite, small-batch wines sourced from their lush 7-acre vineyard. Pay a visit to this enchanting establishment any day of the week and indulge in wine tastings complemented by an array of delectable treats such as cheese, fruit, chocolates, and nuts.

Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings as you explore the sprawling grounds, including a charming log cabin meticulously constructed by the Chessor family back in 1982. Catch a glimpse of the production room, capable of storing over 15,000 gallons of wine, where the unique winemaking process comes to life. At Grinder's Switch, the dedicated staff pours passion and dedication into every bottle, resulting in wines that reflect their commitment to quality as well as the terroir found only in Centerville.

Beachaven Vineyards & Winery
1100 Dunlop Lane | Clarksville

Beachhaven bears the well-respected title of “Oldest Family-Owned-and-Operated Winery in Tennessee.” Since the 1980s, their wines have earned critical acclaim, and we must keep in mind that the majority of Tennessee wineries had not even been founded at that time!

In addition to Beachaven’s inarguably refined signature wines, visitors can enjoy concerts throughout summer and fall. Of course, if you only have time to visit long enough to taste wines and have a picnic, or enjoy a wine and yoga class, that’s perfectly fine. Please do call ahead to reserve your desired tasting day and time.

Beans Creek Winery
426 Ragsdale Rd | Manchester

Located in the heart of Manchester, Tennessee, Beans Creek Winery has become a beloved fixture since it first opened in October 2004. Founded by nine hard-working local families, the winery thrives thanks to the staff’s unwavering passion for crafting exceptional wines and their deep connection to the communities of Middle Tennessee.

At Beans Creek Winery, visitors are welcomed into an inviting and lively atmosphere, where an impressive selection of award-winning wines, predominantly made from Tennessee grapes, awaits their discerning palates.

From crushing to bottling, the entire winemaking process takes place within the winery's premises. The extensive wine list, comprised of more than 30 distinctive offerings, spans a range of dry, off-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines. Sparkling wines and rich port-style wines add an extra touch of luxury.

In addition to their impressive wine selection, Beans Creek Winery offers a variety of experiences for wine enthusiasts. Wine tasting classes, dinners, winery tours, and lively music events offer wine-lovers opportunities to delve deeper into the world of wine.

Red Barn Winery & Vineyards
1805 Tanyard Rd | Lafayette

Red Barn Winery is located just one gorgeous drive outside of Lafayette on the Highland Rim of Macon County. This lovely winery holds the distinction of being the first in the county to earn the title of Agricultural Farm Winery and invites you to visit for a tasting of white, red, blended, and port wines produced from grapes that are grown only here. This 100-acre winery and farm grows North American and French Hybrid grapes, resulting in a unique profile you have to taste just once to fall in love with forever.

Avian Glen Winery
3545 Almaville Rd | Smyrna

Once the home of the Old Gamble Farm, Avian Glen Winery has been transformed into a beautiful, bustling independent winery. Wine tastings are offered daily. Of course, we must recommend enjoying your delicious tastings on the sweeping veranda overlooking the vineyards. Adored for their sweet wines served in their signature hummingbird glasses, this warm and welcoming winery is sure to make you feel right at home.

Pickers Creek Winery
1986 New Columbia Hwy | Lewisburg

This cozy winery’s tasting room was greatly missed during the pandemic. Now, you and yours are once again invited in, and encouraged to linger on the grounds as you savor your wine tastings. Thanks to its location far off the beaten path, this beautiful estate is an ideal picnic spot, even keeping a warm firepit going as the sun disappears behind the trees, draping them in golden and rosy hues.

If you have a well-trained, social dog you’d like to bring along to your tasting, please call ahead and let the winery know! They would love to meet your sweet canine cutie.

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