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Gaming has never been a more popular pastime than it is today, and the contagious love of all things game-related shows no signs of slowing down. If you are looking for an innovative VR gaming experience, nostalgic retro gaming, or anything in between, the following best arcades in Middle Tennessee are waiting for you!

Leave big chain arcades in the dust and choose one of our favorite local arcades instead. Whether you’re looking for a spot to enjoy drinks and gaming on the weekends or a family-friendly joint where you can let your little ones let loose, you’re guaranteed to find your next favorite gaming experience right here in your own area.

Game Terminal
201 Terminal Ct | Nashville

Game Terminal in Nashville is a beloved arcade experience, and given the nostalgic 1980s atmosphere and impeccable customer experience, it’s easy to see why.

Game Terminal has curated a collection of 250 games from a span of four decades, including rare and limited-edition titles you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. This classic arcade is tended to by an on-site tech crew, which means you won’t be left pining to play a game that’s been out of order for weeks—you’ll encounter smooth, well-maintained games instead!

Between gaming sessions, you can relax out on the patio, or stake out a cozy spot indoors. Multiple in-house bars offer both on-tap drinks and cocktails, and the menu includes both small plates and entrees, so you’ll never go hungry at Game Terminal.

If you’re a fan of classic and new pinball and arcade games, Game Terminal is a must-visit destination.

Flashback Arcade
258 River Rock Blvd | Murfreesboro

Flashback Arcade is an extraordinary destination for arcade enthusiasts, offering a wide range of games that includes classic titles like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, retro fighting games, pinball machines, and beloved multiplayer titles alongside exciting new rhythm games from Japan. With its nostalgic atmosphere and endless gaming, it provides a thrilling experience for individuals and families alike. In fact, the admission fee of $15 allows for hours of uninterrupted play, making it a great alternative to expensive, pay-per-play chains.

Overall, Flashback Arcade is praised for its unbeatable value, diverse game selection, and the magic of blending nostalgia with newer gaming options. Visitors are drawn back to this remarkable arcade again and again, eager to relive the fun of days gone by and create new, lasting memories.

927 Woodland St | Nashville

Up-Down Nashville is a true gem for arcade enthusiasts, offering more than 80 arcade games from the '80s and '90s, as well as pinball machines, classic skee-ball alleys, Nintendo 64 console gaming, and life-size versions of both Jenga and Connect Four. The venue boasts a spacious, pet-friendly rooftop patio, offering views unique to this retro gaming getaway. Here, all games cost just 25 cents, adding to the blissfully nostalgic feel.

The drink menu is extensive, featuring over 60 craft beers on tap and a creative cocktail selection. For hungry gamers, the venue offers delicious house-made pizza by the slice, with delightfully tempting toppings.

Come down to game, socialize, grab a drink, enjoy a slice, and let the hours pass by at Up-Down Nashville.

The Rabbit Hole VR
215 Gothic Ct Suite 201 | Franklin

Known for opening the first VR arcade in Nashville in 2017, The Rabbit Hole VR is now a large and immersive VR gaming arcade for gamers and non-gamers alike. 

Reservations are required at The Rabbit Hole VR, and we do strongly recommend booking in advance due to the steady stream of gamers who will have reserved their play slot. (Walk-ins may be accepted if spots are available, but this is rare and not recommended.)

Your Rabbit Hole VR session will grant you access to an enticing library of VR games ideal for single players and team players alike. Don your headset, then roam safely within your designated 12x12ft zone.

While outside food is not permitted, beer, ciders, and seltzers are available to enjoy outside of your VR session.

The Rabbit Hole VR is one of our highly recommended destinations for couples, families, and groups seeking an exciting and immersive virtual reality adventure. The staff's friendliness and expertise are sure to contribute to a positive and enjoyable visit, making this an ideal spot for both beginners and experienced VR enthusiasts.

16-Bit Bar+Arcade
1102 Grundy St Ste B | Nashville

Located in the heart of Nashville's Gulch, 16-Bit Bar+Arcade offers a unique and nostalgic experience for those seeking an exciting retro-style night out. The arcade transports guests back to the '80s and '90s, creating a playful vibe that appeals to families, friends, and solo visitors.

With offerings including 30 vintage free-to-play arcade games, pinball machines, ping pong tables, foosball, a mini-bowling alley, bocce ball, giant beer pong setup, outdoor fire pits, and multiple floors of delightful decor, you can’t possibly run out of things to do and see!

The famous bar mixes up candy-themed retro drinks, though there is also a nice selection of beers for those who prefer less sugary options. The arcade doesn't serve food, but guests are encouraged to bring snacks or explore the offerings from the food trucks located outside.

Pixel Planet Arcade
7240 Nolensville Rd Suite 311 | Nolensville

Pixel Planet Arcade, located in Nolensville, TN, is home to approximately 50 classic and modern arcade games, along with pinball, skeeball, air hockey, and ticket redemption games. The arcade grants entrance via a paid admission model, with options for hourly or all-day play.

The game selection caters to all ages, making it a great place for families and friends to enjoy together. Most games are included in the cover charge, so kids and adults can each play to their heart’s content! While there’s almost always a steady stream of visitors heading through to enjoy some gaming time, it’s almost never over crowded, which means you’ll have only a brief wait for most games.

Stop by for console gaming, retro gaming, and interactive gaming in this comfortable arcade. The staff will take great care of you, and we think you’re sure to join the ranks of gamers who return often to Pixel Planet Arcade!

No Quarter
922 Main St | Nashville

No Quarter is a cozy and inviting pinball dive lounge in Nashville that offers a selection of over a dozen new and classic pinball machines, along with a curated craft beer and cocktail menu. The barcade stands out for its collection of older pinball machines from the 1970s and early 1980s, all of which are operated by tokens one claims at the bar counter.

No Quarter is not just a place for casual entertainment; it also hosts pinball tournaments and league play, catering to enthusiasts who want to take their skills to the next level. If you would like to compete, or just want to watch others flex their skills, speak to the staff to learn more.

Digital Worlds VR
1945 Mallory Ln #170 | Franklin

Digital Worlds VR offers a truly high-end VR experience. Whether you're new to VR or a seasoned player, you will have a mind-blowing experience thanks to their advanced equipment and unique games. The staff here are all VR enthusiasts and bring their knowledge of and passion for the medium to each session. Ask them anything, and they’ll have the info you need.

This incredibly immersive experience is ideal for individuals, families, parties, and corporate events. There’s just no wrong time to escape into a digital world.

Game Galaxy Arcade
3 S Lowry St | Smyrna

Game Galaxy Arcade is a classic video game store and arcade located in Smyrna's downtown historic district. It offers an astounding 450+ pinball and arcade machines on completely free play, including a vast selection of over 170 pinball machines.

The pricing is affordable, too, costing just $15 for the entire day, while groups of four or more people can enjoy a discounted rate of $10 per person for the entire day. Hunt down that elusive vintage pinball machine, explore new and modern options, and dive into a nostalgic gaming experience that will bring you back to simpler, easier days.

Joyfull Arcade
2001 Campbell Station Pkwy Suite A-4 | Spring Hill

Joyfull Arcade offers a variety of gaming experiences and entertainment options, including a state-of-the-art 5K Virtual Reality experience, including 5K displays, a 120-degree field of view, and 120 frames per second. The VR stations are powered by high-performance gaming PCs with RTX graphics and offer over 200 games.

Joyfull Arcade also features incredible gaming stations with massive 4K displays connected to next-gen gaming consoles. Retro-style arcade towers with thousands of games beckon to all of us who were gamers from the 80s and 90s, and motion cockpit simulators await all those who love racing and flight simulations.

Joyfull Arcade is beloved for its top-notch gaming experiences, cutting-edge technology, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent customer service. It’s a unique, premier destination for gamers of all ages and interests thanks to their wide range of options that cater to each gaming niche.

The Takeaway

Middle Tennessee boasts some of the best gaming centers and arcades in the country, and we love them all. Where do you plan to go this summer? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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